Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are you located exactly?!

We are located inside Vivaldi Salon Suites directly under the West 6th apartments in Tempe. 

Where should I park?

We have complimentary parking inside of Tower 2 at the West 6th apartments parking garage. Just park anywhere in the garage, then ride the elevator down to the ground level, and we are directly on the left out the doors. We will validate your parking inside. 

WHat facial should i book when booking online?

If your having trouble deciding, just go ahead and book any facial you would like as a place holder. When you come in for the first time we will analyze your skin and determine at that time combined with your regular skin concerns to come up with the perfect treatment for you.

I have a gift card how do i use it?

Book your appointment as normal and bring your gift card to the treatment with you. It will be used towards your treatment the same as cash.