I Have Oily Skin, Why Should I Moisturize?

Shiny skin with large pores are the signs of the oily skin type.  The reason your skin looks so shiny is because it has excess sebum. Sebum is the natural fatty, oily substance produced by our body’s sebaceous glands and helps to keep our skin and hair soft and healthy.

A common mistake that oily skin types make is using harsh cleansing products to strip away excess oil.  However, stripped of vital oil, sebaceous glands will actually produce more sebum and you’ll be back to square one. 

Even oily skin needs hydration. The key comes down to the type of moisturiser you select: look for a Serum rather than a cream. 

Designed with the oily/combination skin type in mind, face serums have a lightweight consistency and help replenish vital oil and water requirements to keep your skin happy, well balanced without any extra shine.

Saiber Soland